A Family Assistance Network was one of the first private professional geriatric care management companies in the country. Since 1981 A Family Assistance Network has provided personalized care management to the frail elderly, their family, and their caregivers. Our goal is to help balance the needs of the family members and the caregivers while maintaning the integrity, safety and desires of those who need the assistance. We aim to create a situation where everyone's needs are met. By offering a full range of professional services we hope to lessen the pain for the entire family. We know the resources and have the experience and the contacts. We can arrange services and access entitlements efficiently. Through good financial planning, A Family Assistance Network can often save you money you thought you had to spend.

We look at the patient as part of a larger family and caregiving system. Our plan is to help everyone cope, the family and the direct caregiver as well. Because of this approach, one of the goals will be to offer tools for caregivers who are sandwiched between the needs of their elders and the care of their children.